Unsolude - Passion & Emotion


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 02/23/2024
UPC: 4988044840386

Passion & Emotion
Artist: Unsolude
Format: CD

More Info:

Inheriting the past and moving into the future... Their 1st album, gushing with 'new passion' that shakes the soul!The rhythm section of Matchang (B) and Chie (Ds), the final lineup of UNAFRAID, a Nagoya hard rock band led by Yukki (G) that went inactive in 2022, and Katsu (Vo), who led the hard rock band ABSOLUTE in Kyoto, Japan, which ended it's activities in 2020, has agreed to combine the two bands to take advantage of their musical commonalities, reconstruct and inherit their best-known songs, and further evolve their activities.The band was named UNSOLUDE (meaning 'unsolved') by combining the names of the two bands.The catchiness of UNAFRAID's Japanese metal style and the dynamism of ABSOLUTE's Western style are fused together to create a new masterpiece of authentic hard rock!