Format: CD
Label: Margaret Organ Jazz
Rel. Date: 01/26/2024
UPC: 4988044843356

The Blue Secret
Artist: Mao Yamamoto
Format: CD

More Info:

JAZZ, FUNK, LATIN, FUSION... and various genres are woven together in this organ session!Mysterious creatures of the deep sea inhabit the music, and eight pieces of music are born, interwoven with a variety of genres such as Jazz, Funk, Latin, Fusion, and so on. The lively organ session, spun with a total of eight musicians from three bands who have performed together on numerous occasions, runs with pleasant rhythms and raises the mood with artful melodies. This is a perfect piece for driving music, reminiscent of a walk underwater with unique characters born from the ever-changing Hammond organ. * Mao Yamamoto (Organ)* Hiroshi Muto (Alto Saxophone) * Gaku Yabushita (Guitar) * Wataru Fuchita (Guitar) * Eito Takeuchi (Guitar) * Fumiatsu Ninomiya (Electric Bass) * Yujiro Nakamura (Drums) * Ryota Imaoka (Drums) * Taiga Hoshino (Drums)Tracklist1. Hungry Hammerhead2. Swaying, spinning, drifting3. Love Ka in love4. Submarine Kraken5. Tears of the coelacanth6. Blue Angel7. Oarfish8. Undersea party