Enseishu - Amami Yuta Secret God Songs


Format: CD
Label: Tunagu
Rel. Date: 03/15/2024
UPC: 4988044848535

Amami Yuta Secret God Songs
Artist: Enseishu
Format: CD

More Info:

World premiere! You must listen to the sacred songs of Enseishu, one of the last traditional shaman 'Yuta' of Amami-Oshima!Since ancient times, Amami Oshima has had a custom of inviting a local spiritualist, Yuta, to perform a ceremony to welcome and send off the dead.However, with the passage of time, the number of people requesting and performing this custom has decreased, and it is said to be almost nonexistent today.This CD is the first time Enseishu has sung and recorded in public a number of sacred songs that he learned from the god during his Yuta training.Please cherish and pass on this simple but precious CD of spiritual ancient songs.