Ron Henderson  & Choice Of Colour - Soul Junction [Reissue]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 03/22/2024
UPC: 4995879080559

Soul Junction [Reissue]
Artist: Ron Henderson & Choice Of Colour
Format: Vinyl


1. I'll Be Around
2. Love Is Gone
3. What About Love
4. The Real Thing
5. All Men Can't Be Wrong
6. Freedom For The Stallion
7. Mary Green
8. Don't Take Her For Granted
9. Out Law
10. Gemini Lady
11. Goodbye My Love

More Info:

This is a great, and beloved modern soul work released by Ron Henderson and his group Choice of Color in 1976. The edition reissued by P Vine in 2020 sold out quickly and is now fetching high prices on the used market, so we We have decided to reissue this wonderful album once again in a new version. For vinyl lovers and collectors, the obi will have a new design different from the 1st edition and the vinyl will be updated to 180g weight vinyl!