Entertainers - Entertainers [Reissue]


Format: Vinyl
Label: P-VINE
Rel. Date: 06/28/2024
UPC: 4995879080849

Entertainers [Reissue]
Artist: Entertainers
Format: Vinyl


1. Hot on a Thang
2. Pour Your Little Heart Out
3. In This Moment
4. It's Not What You Got
5. I'm Leavin
6. I'm in Love with You
7. I Won't Cry Anymore
8. Kidnapper
9. What Are We Gonna Do
10. Livin' for the Summer

More Info:

JThe Entertainers, a Miami soul band led by singer Earl Dawkins, released their debut single "Livin' For The Summer" in 1980, which became a smash hit. The Entertainers' first album, "Livin' For The Summer," was released three years later in 1983, and is being reissued in analog format with a Japanese obi. The album features an exquisite selection of soul-freaks' favorite covers, including "Hot On A Thang" by Chai Lights, "I'm in love with you" by Bobby Patterson, and "I won't cry anymore" and "What are we gonna do" by Turley Richards, as well as the aforementioned "Livin' For The Summer, The original songs, including the aforementioned "Livin' For The Summer," are also excellent blue-eyed soul music.