Taiyo & Ciscomoon - Uchu De La Ta Ta / Gotta Make It Love Gts (More


Format: Vinyl
Label: Tower Records Label
Rel. Date: 06/21/2024
UPC: 4997184187817

Uchu De La Ta Ta / Gotta Make It Love Gts (More
Artist: Taiyo & Ciscomoon
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Due to the enthusiastic requests from DJs, the first 7-inch releases of songs by Taiyo & Ciscomoon are now available! The first release is their debut single 'Tsuki to Taiyo' (Moon and Sun). Originally released on April 21, 1999. The second release is their third single, 'Uchu de La Ta Ta' (La Ta Ta in Space). The original release was on July 28, 1999. Both songs have been loved by fans for their high singing ability and spacy disco sound that are still fresh even after listening to them again. The official YouTube release of the music video after entering the 2022 season has also become a hot topic. LISTEN: https://youtu. Be/njYr0JbEBwc