Format: CD
Label: GLAM / 7T'S
Rel. Date: 10/29/2021
UPC: 5013929058200

Collection (Uk)
Artist: White Plains
Format: CD


1. I've Got You on My Mind
2. When Tomorrow Comes Tomorrow
3. Taffeta Rose
4. Summer Morning
5. To Love You
6. In a Moment of Madness
7. My Baby Loves Lovin'
8. Today I Killed a Man I Didn't Know
9. You've Got Your Troubles
10. Show Me Your Hand
11. Young Birds Fly
12. Sunny, Honey Girl
13. I Need Your Everlasting Love
14. Gonna Miss Her Mississippi
15. When You Are a King
16. Lovin' You Baby
17. Home Loving Man
18. Julie Anne
19. Carolina's Comin' Home
20. Sunny, Honey Girl (2)
21. Every Little Move She Makes
22. An Eye for the Main Chance
23. Julie Do Ya Love Me
24. I'll Go Blind
25. Noises (In My Head)
26. The World Gets Better with Love
27. I Can't Stop
28. Dad You Saved the World 15 Beachcomber
29. Step Into a Dream
30. Look to See
31. Does Anybody Know Where My Baby Is?
32. Just for a Change
33. Ecstasy
34. A Simple Man
35. Box Man
36. Hit It
37. We Go6A Watch Out
38. Elvish Queen
39. A Face You Won't Forget
40. Just the Two of Us in Mind
41. A Fool That Was in Love
42. Silent Words
43. Dance with You
44. Plains
45. Wanna Fall in Love

More Info:

Three disc 46-track collection rounding up almost everything released by late '60s / early '70s pop band White Plains. Disc One features their self-titled debut album which contained international hit single 'My Baby Loves Lovin' which hit No. 9 in the UK and No. 13 in America. It also includes the UK No. 17 hit 'I've Got You On My Mind'. The second disc finally sees a full CD release for the band's second studio album 'When You Are A King' and though many of the tracks have appeared across compilations, the songs 'Home Loving Man' and 'An Eye For The Main Chance' are debuting here on CD. Nine bonus tracks have been added including the UK No. 21 hit 'Step Into Dream' which had previously been known as the soundtrack to the TV adverts for Butlins' holiday camps! Disc Three may only contain 11 tracks (but runs to 40 minutes), however they are all rarities sought after by collectors. The first four tracks were recorded as Crucible for the film Extremes in 1972 while tracks five to eight make their debut on CD and were originally issued under the name of Zenith. The final three tracks - also appearing on CD for the first time - are from the mid '70s, the band's final original recordings. The booklet contains detailed liner notes by Phil Hendricks with contributions from original member Robin Shaw, plus many overseas picture sleeves.