Format: CD
Rel. Date: 04/22/2022
UPC: 5013929112292

Dave Brock Presents This Was Your Future / Various
Artist: Dave Brock Presents This Was Your Future / Various
Format: CD


1. Hawkwind - PXR5
2. Omnia Opera - Space Bastard
3. Poisoned Electrick Head - Astral Tjunc
4. Spaceship Eyes - Satori
5. Ozric Tentacles - Velmwend
6. Magic Mushroom Band - Pictures in My Mind
7. Kryptästhesie - An Evening Following a Cuttle-Fish
8. Dave Brock - Green Finned Demon
9. Boris and His Bolshie Balalaika - Toadstool Soup
10. The Lloyd-Langton Group- Candle Burning
11. Underground Zero - Aimless Flight
12. Treatment - Damage
13. Moom - the Higher Sun
14. Dr Hasbeen - Spirit of Brock
15. Sun Dial - Outer Limits to Yr Brain
16. Michael Moorcock's Deep Fix - Dodgem Dude
17. Pressurehed - Red Delta (Live)
18. Robert Calvert - Lord of the Hornets
19. Hawklords - the Age of the Micro Man
20. Dr Brown - Dreamscape
21. Kava Kava - Poke
22. The Tryp - the Lizard Sheds It's Skin
23. Sonic Assassins - Golden Void
24. Dead Flowers - Altered State Circus
25. Mandragora - Rainbow Warrior
26. Outskirts of Infinity - Laughter Castle
27. St 37 - Ghosts of Tempera Nymphs
28. Sons of Selina - Gamoto Manopano
29. Dumpy's Rusty Nuts - Hawkwind
30. Dave Brock and the Agents of Chaos - Hades Deep
31. Crow - Led Zep
32. Nukli - Inner Days
33. Ethereal Counterbalance - at the Oasis
34. Nick Riff - Tribal Elders
35. Tim Blake - Passage Sur la Cité (Des Révélations)
36. Psychedelic Warriors - in Search of Shangrila
37. Tangle Edge - Yatantah PT 1
38. Here and Now - 23 Skidoo (Live)
39. F/I - the Circle Is the Square
40. Praise Space Electric - Cybergenetic Experiment X

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Extensive Set Exploring The Space Rock And Free Festival Scene, 1978-1998. Compiled With The Legendary Dave Brock, Frontman Of Hawkwind, Figurehead Of The Scene And Inspiration For Counteless Like-Minded Heads. Featuring Key Names - Hawkwind (And Their Many Offshoots), Ozric Tentacles, Here And Now, Magic Mushroom Band, Poisoned Electrick Head, Michael Moorcock, Robert Calvert, Tim Blake, Etc. Plus Many Lesser-Known But Vital Players In A Movement That Was As Much A Way Of Life And A Political Philosophy As It Was A Music Scene. 40 Tracks, Each Of Them Exploring The Outer Limits Of Mind, Body And Spirit. Emerging out of the post-hippy fall-out of the late 1960s, Dave Brock and Hawkwind forged a new, psychedelic rock sound which, as the 1970s progressed, became the focal point of a festival scene that drew together countless alternative and counter-cultural artists, all of whom sought to take their listeners into previously unchartered realms of inner space. Gathered together here are the prime movers in this Brock-inspired scene which subsequently emerged and found focus towards the end of '70s, centred on free festivals, like-minded record labels, self-released cassettes and an anti-authoritarian lifestyle and political position. From hard rocking psychedelic warriors to experimental sonic architects, 'This Was Your Future' captures a time and place in danger of being forgotten in the corporate playground of the present. A place where the guitar and the synthesiser proved mightier than the sword, offering an outlet for expression to countless artists for whom mainstream culture was a strange and alien landscape.