Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/30/2023
UPC: 5013929113398

Driving To Damascus [Deluxe] (Uk)
Artist: Big Country
Format: CD


1. Driving To Damascus
2. Dive Into Me
3. See You
4. Perfect World
5. Somebody Else
6. Fragile Thing
7. The President Slipped And Fell
8. Devil In The Eye
9. Trouble The Waters
10. Bella
11. Your Spirit To Me
12. Grace
13. Driving To Damascus
14. Perfect World
15. Fragile Thing
16. Dive Into Me
17. Chance
18. Look Away
19. I Get Hurt
20. John Wayne's Dream
21. Dust On The Road
22. Loserville
23. This Blood's For You
24. Camp Smedley's Theme
25. Sleep There Till Dawn (Sleep Until Dawn)
26. Another Misty Morning
27. Fragile Thing (single edit)
28. Somebody Else (single edit)
29. Dive Into Me (Rafe Mix)
30. Perfect World (Rafe Mix)
31. The President Slipped And Fell (Vocal Up Mix)
32. Devil In The Eye (Vocal Up Mix)
33. Bella (Vocal Up Mix)
34. This Blood's For You (Rafe Mix)
35. Fragile Thing (Vocal Up Mix)
36. Your Spirit To Me (Vocal Up Mix With Middle 8 Vocal In)
37. Driving To Damascus (1st Version)
38. Dive Into Me
39. See You
40. Perfect World
41. Somebody Else
42. Fragile Thing
43. The President Slipped And Fell
44. Devil In The Eye
45. Trouble The Waters (1st Version)
46. Bella
47. Your Spirit To Me
48. Grace
49. I Get Hurt
50. Loserville
51. This Blood's For You (demo)
52. You Want Me To Go
53. I'm On This Train
54. Small Town Big News
55. Driving To Damascus (2nd Version)
56. Trouble The Waters (2nd Version)
57. This Blood's For You (alt mix)
58. You Want Me To Go (alt mix)
59. I'm On This Train (alt mix)
60. Ages Of A Man
61. Birmingham
62. Sun And My Shadow
63. Living By Memory
64. Don't You Stay
65. Cimarron
66. Second Time Around
67. Without Wings
68. Daystar
69. Medicine Show
70. Sweet November Nothings
71. Simple's Always Best
72. Soldier Of The Lord

More Info:

4CD Deluxe Edition of Big Country's eighth and final album with Stuart Adamson. 'Driving To Damascus' (1999), also includes the live-in-the-studio 'Nashville Sessions', single versions, alternate mixes from the US release 'John Wayne's Dream' and two discs of demos. Formed by singer/guitarist Stuart Adamson in 1981 after leaving his previous group Skids, the Scottish rock band Big Country were hugely successful in the UK and US, scoring four UK Top 10 albums including 'The Crossing' (a UK platinum, US gold record) plus a further 2 UK Top 30 albums. 'Driving To Damascus' features the classic Big Country line up of Stuart Adamson (vocals/ guitar), Bruce Watson (guitar), Tony Butler (bass) and Mark Brezezicki (drums) and was recorded in the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales. Album highlights 'Somebody Else' and 'Devil In The Eye' were co-written by Ray Davies of The Kinks. Eddi Reader is guest vocalist on the single 'Fragile Thing'. Ian Grant (Big Country manager from 1981 to 2013) has written the sleeve notes, giving a personal insight into the album's genesis.