Hawkwind - Stories From Time And Space


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 04/19/2024
UPC: 5013929190139

Stories From Time And Space
Artist: Hawkwind
Format: CD


1. Our Lives Can't Last Forever
2. The Starship (One Love One Life)
3. What Are We Going To Do While We're Here
4. The Tracker
5. Eternal Light
6. Till I Found You
7. Underwater City
8. The Night Sky
9. Traveller of Time ; Space
10. Re-generate
11. The Black Sea
12. Frozen in Time
13. Stargazers

More Info:

From the futuristic, synth-laden opener of `Our Lives Can't Last Forever' and innovative psychedelic swirl of `The Starship (One Love One Life)' and `Traveller of Time & Space', to the lamenting saxophones and menacing riffs of `What Are We Going To Do While We're Here' and `Stargazers', the band deliver 13 tracks of classic material.

The album has everything Hawkwind fans new and old could ask for - from Dave Brock's trademark vocals and chugging guitar riffs to roaming solos, gradual melancholic crescendos and rapturous peaks, it's a record that sits tightly in the Hawkwind groove, delivering an intense concentrated fusion of musical styles.

`Stories From Time And Space' is presented by Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Magnus Martin, Doug MacKinnon and Tim "Thighpaulsandra" Lewis on both CD and double vinyl and will be released to coincide with live shows in the spring and summer:


  • Brand new studio album from legendary rock band Hawkwind
  • Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, `Stories From Time And Space' follows their critically acclaimed 2023 album "The Future Never Waits".
  • Available on double vinyl, CD and digitally.
  • Legendary rock band Hawkwind have announced a brand-new studio album, `Stories From Time And Space'.

HAWKWIND / Stories From Time And Space