Format: CD
Rel. Date: 04/08/2022
UPC: 5013929190801

My World Fell Down: John Carter Story (Uk)
Artist: John Carter
Format: CD


1. Back on the Scene Carter, Lewis ; the Southerners
2. Two Timing Baby Carter, Lewis ; the Southerners
3. Here's Hopin' Carter, Lewis
4. Poor Joe Carter, Lewis
5. Tell Me Carter, Lewis ; the Southerners
6. Sweet and Tender Romance Carter, Lewis ; the Southerners
7. Somebody Told My Girl Carter, Lewis ; the Southerners
8. Skinny Minnie Carter, Lewis ; the Southerners
9. Easy to Cry Carter, Lewis ; the Southerners
10. Can't You Hear My Heartbeat? (Demo)
11. What More Do You Want the Ivy League
12. Funny How Love Can Be the Ivy League
13. Lonely Room the Ivy League
14. That's Why I'm Crying the Ivy League
15. Tossing and Turning the Ivy League
16. Our Love Is Slipping Away the Ivy League
17. Running Round in Circles the Ivy League 18 Don't Worry Baby the Ivy League
18. One Little Smile (Demo)
19. It's Your Turn to Cry (Demo)
20. Winchester Cathedral (Demo)
21. Peek-A-Boo (Demo)
22. Willow Tree the Ivy League
23. My World Fell Down the Ivy League
24. White Collar Worker Ministry of Sound
25. Back Seat Driver Ministry of Sound
26. Time and Motion Man (Demo)
27. Little Ray of Sunshine (Demo)
28. Goodbye to Rosalie (Demo)
29. Publicity Girl (Demo)
30. Brown and Porters (Meat Exporters) (Demo)
31. Am I Losing You (Demo)
32. Let's Go to San Francisco PTS 1 and the Flower Pot Men
33. A Walk in the Sky the Flower Pot Men
34. You Can Never Be Wrong the Flower Pot Men Mythological Sunday Friends
35. Conversation (In a Station Light Refreshment Bar) (Demo)
36. Sunshine Girl (Demo)
37. Hip Hip Hooray (Demo)
38. My Sentimental Friend (Demo)
39. Knock Knock Who's There (Demo)
40. Birmingham Brass Band (Demo)
41. Geranium Pot (Demo)*
42. A Good Talk to Myself (Demo)
43. She Won't Show Up Tonight (Demo)
44. The Cooks of Cake and Kindness (Demo)
45. Blow Away (Demo)
46. Say Goodbye to Yesterday (Demo)
47. Children of Tomorrow (Demo)
48. Rain Rain Rain (Demo)
49. Magic People (Demo)
50. Mr Light (Demo)
51. You're Playing with Fire the Wheels
52. What's the Matter with Juliet the Wheels
53. Midsummer Dreaming John Carter ; Russ Alquist

More Info:

First-ever complete career anthology of one of British pop's most enduring backroom figures. John Carter. First coming to prominence with his songwriting and vocal partner Ken Lewis, John Carter was a fixture on the mid-'60s British pop scene, penning hits for the likes of Brenda Lee and Herman's Hermits, singing backing vocals for The Who and finding success with his own group, vocal trio The Ivy League. Frustrated with the rigours of life on the road, Carter quit touring in mid-1966 to concentrate on studio work (a decision also being made around the same time by Brian Wilson and The Beatles). He continued to excel in a number of disciplines, providing the lead vocal on The New Vaudeville Band's huge success 'Winchester Cathedral', writing for numerous groups (The Troggs, Manfred Mann, etc) and creating Summer-Of-Love hippie anthem 'Let's Go To San Francisco' under the pseudonym The Flower Pot Men. After recording a number of obscure psychedelic pop nuggets that are now highly regarded by genre aficionados, John moved on to record under various one-off aliases before settling on Stamford Bridge and then Kincade, who hit big on the continent with 'Dreams Are Ten A Penny'. He then made some of the most ambitious recordings of his entire career as The First Class, who debuted in 1974 with the instant classic 'Beach Baby', a harmony pop extravaganza that became a Top Five single in America. The first-ever complete career overview of his prodigious career, 'My World Fell Down' anthologises the cream of John's work, stretching from the dawn of the '60s (when Carter, Lewis & The Southerners contained a mild-mannered young guitarist by the name of Jimmy Page) to the end of the '70s. With a new 5,000 word note and more than five hours of music, it's an essential purchase for anyone interested in the career of one of British pop's leading backroom auteurs.