Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 10/27/2023
UPC: 5013929193710

When The Alarm Clock Rings: Compendium Of British
Artist: When The Alarm Clock Rings: Compendium Of British
Format: Vinyl


1. Magic in the Air - the Attack
2. The Madman Running Through the Fields - Dantalian's Chariot
3. Magic Horsemen - Tintern Abbey
4. Maybe Someday - Alex Harvey
5. In the Beginning - Genesis
6. The Wall - the Fruit Machine
7. The World Goes on Around You - the Mirage
8. Dream in My Mind - Rupert's People
9. Mary Jane (Single Version) - Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
10. Midsummer Night's Scene - John's Children
11. I Hope You're Happy - the Merseys
12. Teagarden Lane - Jason Crest
13. Pools of Blue (Advision Studios Version) - Barclay James Harvest
14. Leave Me Here - the 23rd Turnoff
15. I Unseen (Ibc Studios Version) - the Misunderstood
16. The Train to Disaster - the Voice
17. Remember the Times - Mike Stuart Span
18. Jane - Living Daylights
19. Wake Me Up - Plastic Penny
20. Don't Go 'Way Little Girl - the Shame
21. Spontaneous Apple Creation - the Crazy World of Arthur Brown
22. Created By Clive - the Syn
23. Mr. Second Class - the Spencer Davis Group
24. The Laughing Man - John Carter and Russ Alquist
25. Mr. Universe - Episode Six
26. Things You Cannot See - the Action
27. The Otherside - Apple
28. Rosemary's Bluebell Day - Picadilly Line
29. Grey Man - Paper Blitz Tissue
30. When the Alarm Clock Rings - Blossom Toes

More Info:

Limited edition 2LP vinyl compilation of original artefacts from the first British psychedelic era. 30 essential 1966-1969 nuggets from major names and cult acts alike. After 14 years and nearly 150 CD releases, Cherry Red's psychedelic imprint Grapefruit finally produces it's first-ever vinyl issue. A 90-minute, 30-track anthology, 'When The Alarm Clock Rings' is an all-encompassing overview of the late 60s British psychedelic scene. The set features major underground names (Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Blossom Toes, Dantalian's Chariot, John's Children), cult 45s (The Voice, Paper Blitz Tissue, The Syn), future legends (Alex Harvey, Genesis, Greg Lake's early venture The Shame) and pop groups who occasionally turned dayglo (The Merseys, Plastic Penny, Picadilly Line). Limited to 1000 copies and containing Grapefruit's trademark combination of photos and annotation on stylish 12" x 12" inserts, 'When The Alarm Clock Rings' is an essential purchase for vinyl aficionados and a tantalising taster of further plastic platters!