Edgar Broughton  Band - Gone Blue: The Bbc Sessions (Uk)


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/31/2024
UPC: 5013929487246

Gone Blue: The Bbc Sessions (Uk)
Artist: Edgar Broughton Band
Format: CD


1. Why Can't Somebody Love Me
2. For What You Are About to Receive
3. There's No Vibrations, But Wait!
4. Officer Dan
5. Freedom
6. The House of Turnabout
7. Hotel Room
8. Momma's Reward
9. Poppy
10. Call Me a Liar
11. Side By Side / Sister Angela
12. Chilly Morning Momma
13. I Got Mad
14. Gone Blue
15. The Rake
16. Green Lights
17. Slow Down
18. Freedom
19. The Birth
20. What Is a Woman For?
21. Drop Out Boogie
22. I Wanna Go Home
23. Poppy
24. Side By Side
25. Call Me a Liar
26. Poppy
27. The Rake
28. Gone Blue
29. Chilly Morning Momma
30. I Got Mad (Soledad)
31. It's Not You
32. Out Demons Out
33. Side By Side
34. Call Me a Liar
35. Poppy
36. The Rake
37. Gone Blue
38. Chilly Morning Momma
39. I Got Mad (Soledad)
40. It's Not You

More Info:

New Official 4cd Remastered Clamshell Box Set Featuring All Of The Surviving Sessions By The Edgar Broughton Band Recorded For The BBC Between 1969 And 1973. Featuring 32 Previously Unreleased Tracks. All Tracks Newly Remastered From The BBC Masters. Includes An Illustrated Booklet With Essay. The Edgar Broughton Band burst on to the UK music scene in 1969 and were trail blazers for the underground counterculture, performing rock music with a social conscience. Hailing from Warwick and featuring EDGAR BROUGHTON (guitars, vocals), STEVE BROUGHTON (drums, vocals) and ARTHUR GRANT (bass, vocals), their hard-hitting approach over a series of hit albums for EMI's Harvest label and appearances at the legendary Hyde Park Free Concerts earned them many loyal fans and several hit singles (including their anthem 'Out Demons Out!') and the reputation of being a true "people's band". In 1970 the band was expanded to include guitarist VICTOR UNITT. The band's relationship with the BBC began in January when they recorded their first session for John Peel's Top Gear show. Peel was an early champion of the band, and this session appeared some months before their debut album 'WASA WASA!' Over the next four years The Edgar Broughton Band recorded a number of sessions for Top Gear and Sounds Of The 70s along with two memorable In Concert appearances. This new official 4CD set gathers together these recordings, all newly remastered from the BBC masters and features 32 previously unreleased tracks.