Format: CD
Rel. Date: 11/17/2023
UPC: 5013929609600

Step Forward Years 1977-1982 (Uk)
Artist: Chelsea
Format: CD


1. I'm On Fire
2. Decide
3. Free The Fighters
4. Your Toy
5. Fools ; Soldiers
6. All The Downs
7. Government
8. Twelve Men
9. Many Rivers
10. Trouble Is The Day
11. Right To Work
12. The Loner
13. High Rise Living
14. No Admission
15. Urban Kids
16. No Flowers
17. No-One's Coming Outside
18. What Would You Do
19. Look At The Outside
20. Don't Get Me Wrong
21. No Escape
22. No Admission
23. High Rise Living
24. Right To Work
25. Pretty Vacant
26. Blind Date
27. No Flowers
28. Urban Kids
29. Come On
30. I'm On Fire
31. Twelve Men
32. Trouble Is The Day
33. Come On
34. Urban Kids
35. Fools ; Soldiers
36. Don't Get Me Wrong
37. Look At The Outside
38. Trouble Is The Day
39. Fools ; Soldiers
40. Twelve Men
41. I'm On Fire
42. All The Downs
43. Free The Fighters
44. Trouble Is The Day
45. Your Toy
46. The Loner
47. Urban Kids
48. Right To Work (Monitor Mix)
49. Government (Demo)
50. No Admission (Demo)
51. Curfew (Demo)
52. Twelve Men (Demo)
53. All The Downs (Demo)
54. Trouble Is The Day (Demo)
55. Your Toy (Demo)
56. Free The Fighters (Demo)
57. No Escape (Different Mix)
58. I'm On Fire (Remix)
59. Decide (Remix)
60. Come On
61. Twelve Men
62. All Together Now
63. High Rise Living
64. Urban Kids
65. The Loner
66. No Flowers
67. Right To Work
68. Decide
69. Your Toy
70. Urban Kids (Encore)
71. Evacuate
72. How Do You Know
73. Cover Up
74. Looks Right
75. Tribal Song
76. War Across The Nation
77. Forty People
78. Running Free
79. Last Drink
80. Only Thinking
81. Rockin' Horse
82. Years Away
83. Freemans
84. I.D. Parade
85. How Do You Know (7" Version)
86. New Era
87. War Across The Nation (7" Version)
88. High Rise Living (Remix)
89. Stand Out

More Info:

4CD 89 track clam shell box set contains all that Punk legends Chelsea recorded during their time with the seminal Step Forward Records between 1977-82. Including BBC sessions, a superb In Concert recording and all of their Step Forward singles. Plus demos and monitor mixes. Disc 1 is debut album 'Chelsea' which is now bolstered by the singles 'Right To Work', 'High Rise Living', 'Urban Kids', 'No One's Coming Outside', 'Look At The Outside' and 'No Escape'. The second disc contains 26 tracks recorded for the BBC. A superb quality nine track In Concert recording is joined by studio sessions for Radio 1 DJ's John Peel, Kid Jensen and Mike Read. Disc 3 is titled "Rarities" as it features 12 rare demos and monitor mixes alongside a show recorded at London's legendary Music Machine in 1978. The final disc is the 1982 'Evacuate' album which is bolstered by the singles 'Rockin' Horse', 'Freemans', 'How Do You Know', 'War Across The Nation' and 'Stand Out'. The whole set is completed by a booklet packed with informative liner notes and pictures of all relevant record sleeves. Vocalist Gene October still leads the band to this day and they are regular crowd pleasers at the main European Punk festivals.