Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 02/03/2023
UPC: 5013929750616

Pop-Up Ker-Ching & The Possibilities Of Modern
Artist: Mozart Estate
Format: Vinyl


1. I'm Gonna Wiggle
2. Relative Poverty
3. Lookin' Thru Glass
4. Poundland
5. Four White Men in a Black Car
6. Pretty Boy
7. I Wanna Murder You
8. Vanilla Gorilla
9. And Now the Darkest Times Are Here
10. Pink and the Purple
11. Flanca for Mr Flowers
12. When the Harridans Came to Call
13. Honey
14. Record Store Day
15. Doin' the Brick Wall Crawl
16. Before and After the Barcode

More Info:

New, full-length album from the latest incarnation of Lawrence, Mozart Estate. Available as a limited-edition black vinyl and in a luxurious gatefold CD package. Everything is the same except for the name says Lawrence - a new name for a new time. A new band too. A better equipped model for today's hazardous roadways. After taking a step on the journey to January ('Relative Poverty' 10", BFI Film, gigs) Mozart Estate will release their huge new album 'Pop-Up! Ker- Ching! And The Possibilities Of Modern Shopping'. Wow that's some title - and it rhymes! Featuring 16 tracks Lawrence has moved away from the idea of Mozart as a B-side band and has created a full- blown full-length pop masterpiece. There's 'Relative Poverty' and 'Record Store Day'; already well-known and established, while new tunes 'I'm Gonna Wiggle', 'I Wanna Murder You', 'Vanilla Gorilla' and 'Doin' The Brickwall Crawl' will soon be just as popular with Mozart fans.