Format: CD
Rel. Date: 01/27/2023
UPC: 5013929754133

Bootleg Box Vol 2 (Box) [Remastered] (Uk)
Artist: Tangerine Dream
Format: CD


1. Nottingham 1976 Part One
2. Nottingham 1976 Part Two
3. Nottingham 1976 Part Three
4. Introduction
5. Cherokee Lane
6. Monolight
7. Monolith
8. Drywater Rush
9. Rain in Spain
10. Octogon
11. Hamburg 1978 - Part One
12. Hamburg 1978 - Part Two
13. Logos Part 1
14. Sobornost (Edinburgh Castle)
15. Digital Times Suite
16. Bondy Paradise
17. Mojave Plan
18. Thermal Inversion
19. Remote Viewing
20. Force Majeure
21. The Price
22. Kiew Mission
23. Choronzon
24. The Fassbinder Memorial Concert

More Info:

This 7 CD clamshell boxed set features a selection of recordings made at five concerts recorded between November 1976 and June 1983 by different incarnations of the sonic pioneers. The first two concerts recorded in Nottingham in November 1976 and Washington in April 1977 feature the legendary line-up of Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Peter Baumann. The latter concert was broadcast live on FM radio as part of a US Tour that spawned the live album 'Encore'. The 1978 concert in Hamburg featured a short-lived line-up which featured Froese and Franke joined by vocalist and flautist Steve Jolliffe and drummer Klaus Krieger. The concert at Newcastle City Hall in October 1981 was part of the tour to promote the album 'Exit' and featured the trio of Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Johannes Schmoelling. In 1983 this line-up performed a memorial concert in Frankfurt for the German film director Rainer Fassbinder who had passed away the previous year. The nature of Tangerine Dream's music meant that improvisation was a key factor in their live performances, making each performance unique. This makes these recordings so fascinating. Unavailable for many years, this Esoteric Reactive edition has been newly remastered.