Format: CD
Label: HNE
Rel. Date: 11/24/2023
UPC: 5013929931220

Overcome (Uk)
Artist: Glenn Hughes / George,Robin
Format: CD


1. Flying
2. Overcome
3. I Want
4. Haunted (Featuring Trapeze's Dave Holland, Mel Galley ; Terry Rowley)
5. Number One
6. Sweet Revenge
7. The American Way
8. Machine
9. Steal My Heart
10. Things Have Gotta Change
11. Don't Come Crying
12. Loving You
13. War Dance

More Info:

Long lost collaboration by Glenn Hughes and Robin George, originally recorded in 1989. Mastered from the original tapes. A chance meeting between Glenn Hughes and Robin George eventually resulted in an invitation for Glenn to sing backing vocals for Robin and Sean Harris' Notorious album, which lead to a full collaboration between Robin and Glenn. The album started life as a solo Robin George record and developed into 'Overcome', complete with four songs co-written by the pair; 'Number One', 'Sweet Revenge', 'Don't Come Crying', and the title track. Such was the faith and strength in the new recordings, that a major label deal was struck but fell through, leaving these recordings to languish in the vaults. Glenn is on fine form on the album, and among the 13 tracks of melodic, and occasionally funky, hard rock, one especial treat is the track 'Haunted', essentially recorded by a reformed Trapeze, featuring Dave Holland, Mel Galley and Terry Rowley.