Format: CD
Rel. Date: 09/09/2022
UPC: 5013929991125

Dark Exotica: As Dug By Lux & Ivy / Various (Uk)
Artist: Dark Exotica: As Dug By Lux & Ivy / Various
Format: CD


1. Taboo
2. Flight
3. Gaugin
4. Singapore Sling
5. Polynesian Suite
6. Japanese Suite
7. John McFarland Sextet's Provocatif
8. Jungle Bells
9. Summer Storms
10. Watusi
11. Tangerine
12. The Chimp and the Bumble Bee 12 Where or When
13. Forbidden
14. Midnight By a Persian Waterfall 15 Headhunters
15. Fuego Cubano (Cuban Fire)
16. El Congo Valiente (Valiant Congo) 3 Recuerdos (Reminiscences)
17. Quien Sabe (Who Knows)
18. La Quera Baila (The Fair One Dances) 6 la Suerte de los Tontos (Fortune of Fools)
19. Bill Russo's 'Seven Deadly Sins'
20. 7 Seven Deadly Sins Theme 8 Greed
21. Lechery
22. Gluttony
23. Anger
24. Envy
25. Sloth
26. Pride - Epilogue

More Info:

Four classic exotica albums on one CD. Groovy sound from Lux And Ivy's imaginary basement. A deep dive into the darker sound of bachelor pad music, filled with effects, jazz asides and heady rhythms. Heavy conceptual nuggets that defy boundarie. Featuring The Buddy Collette Septet's super rare 'Polynesia', the holy grail of weird exotica. Plus pianist John McFarland's 'Provocatif' from 1959, which flows with a jazz vibe that propels proceedings into new territory. With Stan Kenton's off-kilter jazz melting pot 'Cuban Fire', a breath taking set of arrangements from Johnny Richards' compositions. And Bill Russo's eerie concept album based on the seven deadly sins, like a dramatic score for a play that's unravelling in Russo's mind. A long way from the Tiki bar in Vegas; this is music from the dingier side of town, sounds that seek escapism but are hell bent on twisting the plotline as much as they can, all set for the kind of shack that Quentin Tarrantino might inhabit with John Travolta looking decidedly seedy just of camera. Remastered from the original sound sources, with sleevenotes by MOJO's Dave Henderson