Format: CD
Rel. Date: 04/29/2022
UPC: 5013993904892

St8818r (Uk)
Artist: Humanoid
Format: CD


1. Stakker Humanoid (4:55)
2. sT8818r (Luke Vibert Mix) (4:31)
3. sT8818r (Autechre Mix) (4:34)
4. sT8818r (Mike Dred Mix) (7:20)
5. sT8818r (Plaid mix) (4:01)
6. sT8818r (Tejada Mix) (5:23)
7. sT8818r (Heogen Mix) (8:59)
8. sT8818r (Roel Funcken Mix) (3:11)
9. sT8818r (Yage Mix) (2:49)
10. sT8818r (Inkipak Mix) (5:58)
11. sT8818r (4:02)
12. Hsycam (3:39)
13. Blue Beans (5:58)
14. Made In Manchester 88 (5:58)

More Info:

There are seminal releases in electronic music. Then there are ground-breaking ones. "Stakker Humanoid" belongs to the latter category. Originally released in 1988, Brian Dougans creation was a sensation that crisscrossed the clubs of the world. Not only did it bring "acid" to an ever greater number of smiley clad ravers, but it also melted the TB303 with house and techno, bold beats and bass, to devastating effect. "Stakker Humanoid" has been a record bag weapon for nearly thirty five years now and this release pays homage with a host of remixes by some hard hitting names - Autechre / RTR / Luke Vibert / Mike Dred to name few.A classic from a pioneer of all forms of electronics (lest we forget Dougans work in Future Sound of London) to re-imaginings from sound sculptors who have been responsible for changing what electronic music means, this 12" contains more than three decades of audio history in it's grooves. A record that once again proves the dynamism of early techno and never die attitude of the TB303.