Format: CD
Rel. Date: 09/02/2022
UPC: 5017261214775

A's & B's (Uk)
Artist: Harry Nilsson
Format: CD


1. Without Her
2. Freckles
3. You Can't Do That
4. Ten Little Indians
5. River Deep, Mountain High
6. She Sang Hymns Out of Tune
7. One
8. Sister Marie
9. Everybody's Talkin'
10. Don't Leave Me
11. Rainmaker
12. I Will Take You There
13. Mournin' Glory Story
14. Maybe
15. Marchin' Down Broadway
16. I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City
17. The Puppy Song
18. I'll Be Home
19. Waiting
20. Caroline
21. Yellow Man
22. Down to the Valley
23. Buy My Album
24. Me and My Arrow
25. Are You Sleeping?
26. Good Old Desk
27. Without You
28. Gotta Get Up
29. Jump Into the Fire
30. The Moonbeam Song
31. Coconut
32. Down
33. Joy
34. Spaceman
35. Turn on Your Radio
36. You're Breakin' My Heart
37. Remember (Christmas)
38. The Lottery Song
39. As Time Goes By
40. Lullaby in Ragtime
41. Makin' Whoopee!
42. Daybreak
43. Down (Demo)
44. Many Rivers to Cross
45. Don't Forget Me
46. Subterranean Homesick Blues
47. Mucho Mungo / MT. Elga
48. Loop de Loop
49. Save the Last Dance for Me
50. All My Life
51. Kojak Columbo
52. Turn Out the Light
53. Something True
54. Pretty Soon There'll Be Nothing Left for Everybody
55. Sail Away
56. Moonshine Bandit
57. Just One Look / Baby I'm Yours
58. That Is All
59. Who Done It?
60. Perfect Day
61. All I Think About Is You
62. I Never Thought I'd Get This Lonely
63. Ain't It Kinda Wonderful

More Info:

Over 60 tracks, originally issued by RCA Records as A and B sides, from the brilliant, different and talented Harry Nilsson. Obviously included are his big chart hits 'Without You', 'Everybody's Talkin' and 'Coconut', Nilsson sadly died prematurely at the age of 52 in 1994, but he leaves behind a great musical legacy that hopefully his many fans and admirers will enjoy on this three CD set. Extensive new notes by Charles Waring. Digitally remastered three CD discs set.