Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/17/2023
UPC: 5017261214881

A's & B's (Uk)
Artist: Redbone
Format: CD


1. Crazy Cajun Cakewalk Band
2. Night Come Down
3. Maggie
4. New Blue Sermonette
5. Alcatraz
6. Light As a Feather
7. Who Can Say?
8. The Witch Queen of New Orleans
9. Chant: 13th Hour
10. When You Got Trouble
11. Niji Trance
12. Jerico
13. Message from a Drum
14. One Monkey
15. Fais-Do
16. Already Here (Brujo)
17. Poison Ivy
18. Condition Your Condition
19. We Were All Wounded at Wounded Knee
20. Speakeasy
21. Come and Get Your Love
22. Day to Day Life / Chant Wovoka
23. Wovoka
24. Clouds in My Sunshine
25. Sweet Lady of Love
26. Suzi Girl
27. Interstate Highway 101
28. One More Time
29. Blood Sweat and Tears
30. Only You and Rock and Roll
31. I've Got to Find the Right Woman
32. Physical Attraction
33. (Beaded Dreams Through) Turquoise Eyes
34. Checkin' It Out
35. Give Our Love Another Try
36. Funky Silk

More Info:

Native American rockers Redbone's A's and B's for Sony and RCA Records.1970's 'Maggie' was their first hit in the US and Europe. This was quickly followed by 'The Witch Queen Of New Orleans', which was a huge world-wide smash.'We Were All Wounded At Wounded Knee' was a Number 1 in Belgium and Holland, and 'Come And Get Your Love' was a Top 5 US hit. Fifty years on, this track is still used for ads of all descriptions! Redbone, led by original founding member Pat Vegas, continue to tour and record. Digitally remastered and slipcased