Project Gemini - Colours & Light


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/05/2024
UPC: 5024017000391

Colours & Light
Artist: Project Gemini
Format: Vinyl


1. The Sun Devil Prelude
2. Colours ; Light
3. Extra Nuit
4. The Last Midnight
5. Lost in the Woods (Paranoia)
6. The Sun Devil
7. Entre Chien Et Loup
8. Lost in the Woods (Bacchanal)
9. Seven Seconds to Sunrise
10. After the Dawn
11. Twilight
12. The Sun Devil Coda

More Info:

If 2022's The Children Of Scorpio was the debut album that turned people onto the world of Project Gemini aka Paul Osborne, Colours & Light is the body of work that will be buried deep into their hearts. It is a majestic album, bringing together the worlds of folk rock, psych soundtracks and hazy cinematic funk. A growing confidence and ease emanate from the writing and production of this sophomore LP, bolstered by the reception to his standout debut. "It's a more layered and diverse record" Paul mentions, "with a more outward-looking, global sound, born out of the records I was listening to and the musicians I was lucky enough to collaborate with". It feels relaxed yet self-assured, with a kaleidoscope of sounds that twist together in a mesmerising fashion.Balancing light and shade on this record, there is beauty and tension all wrapped up in Paul's vivid and visceral, storytelling gift.