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Format: Vinyl
Label: IMT
Rel. Date: 03/05/2021
UPC: 5024545913910

Righteous Lite
Artist: Alan Vega
Format: Vinyl


1. Righteous Lite
2. Protection Rat
3. Daddy Died (A Brooklyn Nightmare)
4. Pay Tha' Wreck, Mr Music King
5. Money Day
6. Puzz Puzz
7. American
8. Motor Cross
9. Who Cares Who Dies
10. Sinister Minister

More Info:

Alan Vega (Suicide) and Stephen Lironi's (Altered Images) iconic 1999 release as Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus is even more prescient today than it was over 20 years ago, Alan's lyrics foresaw where society seems to be now, with corporate government utilizing mass media to control the mass market and populace. Stephen's production and music echo the analogue vibrations of the debut Suicide album, and in tandem with Alan's primal scream, create an album that works as a raw conceptual piece. This is the first time that Righteous Lite has been released on vinyl, on a deluxe gatefold sleeve featuring new artwork (with cover art by Alan). The album was originally released only on CD by The Creeping Bent Organisation. Righteous Lite features some of Alan Vega's best work, he was extremely happy with the outcome of working on this album with Stephen. The production is claustrophobic and intense, matched by a dystopian lyrical outlook that feels incredibly topical.