Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/24/2022
UPC: 5024545959512

Red Admiral (Ep) (Uk)
Artist: 3 Electro Knights
Format: Vinyl


1. Red Admiral
2. Hidden Intent 2
3. Why Don't You Cry For Me
4. Apparently Peaceful

More Info:

3 Electro Knights are cybernetic synthesizer group from London playing science fiction music for the 21st century. The 4 track Red Admiral EP is their first proper release following a very limited lathe cut single which was available through Norman Records and Rough Trade in very small quantities and sold out immediately, and a limited cassette album, Sketches For Another Future. The single I Move In Another Dimension was described by Rough Trade as "Electro sqwonk and clatter meet Patti Smith style beat poetry on this unbelievably scarce 7". Destroy/Exist wrote of their cassette album Sketches For Another Future: "Through krautrock, psychedelic, synthpunk, and modern electronica passages, 3 Electro Knights fully realize their analog electronic sound, exposing their warm connection with their synths." The trio meld the 'live-improvisation allied with editing approach' of Krautrock legends Can to contemporary outboard synth music. Influences and inspiration include Tangerine Dream, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Derrick May, Vangelis, Craven Faults. 3 Electro Knights are Daren Pickles (Supercharger, bushpilot), Nik Clifford (Jesus Licks, bushpilot) and Ross Holloway (bushpilot).