Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/14/2023
UPC: 5024545982428

Rock Party (Uk)
Artist: Energy
Format: CD


1. Rock Party
2. This Part of Town Is a No Go
3. Fight for Your Freedom
4. Still We Dream the Dream
5. You Are Too Good to Lose
6. Cry of a Child
7. Spitfire Glory Boy
8. And I'm Doing Alright

More Info:

From the original UK 80's new wave of British heavy metal, Energy's "Rock Party" CD is their greatest hits from 40 years of writing and gigging. Gwen Waggoner at SkopeMag. Com elaborates... "Fight for Your Freedom," is just one of eight gems that Rock Party, the debut album from the band Energy, is stocked with. It's party-starting mood is a contagious one, and for those of us who crave a full-fledged rock hurricane, it's a hard record to top this season. " Despite their bass player, Bozy, passing away this year, the 3 founder members of Energy will be touring the UK throughout the summer to promote the release of this long anticipated album and celebrate Bozys life. "Hard, heavy, and hauntingly rhythmic from the moment that "Rock Party" starts to the second that "And I'm Doing Alright" returns into the darkness from which it was first born, Energy's debut is just the shot of stone-free melodicism that this decade needed to finally feel rock-worthy. " - Nicole Killian at MobYorkCity. Com Energy's original vinyl releases from the 1980s sell for crazy money - £155 for 7 inch copy of Fight For Your Freedom, so collectors and fans are desperate to hear the new material and see them gig again. "These cats are adept at conquering grooves of virtually any shape or size in the hot and heavy material here, but in a slow setting (We Dream The Dream), they demonstrate just as much passion and panache as they do in a stormy volume swell - something that we could only hope to see and hear in their commercially-bankrolled contemporaries. " Anne Hollister at TheIndieSource. Com Presented in Deluxe card gatefold sleeve CD. "Those who worship at the altar of rock n' roll gods will find a fine collection of songs in their debut album, titled simply "Rock Party. " Mindy McCall - IndiePulseMusic. Com "Not very many bands exhibit the keen attention to detail that Energy do, and that's precisely why songs like "We Dream the Dream," "Cry of a Child" and "Spitfire Glory Boy" shine like the diamonds in the rough that they truly are when compared to the futile fodder dominating FM airwaves at the moment. " "There's no overdone pop Polish, silly overdubbing, or glaring Pro Tools edits in the master mix; from top to bottom, these rockers cut us a firebrand LP divided into eight meticulously crafted movements that tell us a lot about their band and the creative spirit driving their music. A satisfying listening experience for anyone who appreciates a decadent slab of rock n' roll rebellion".