Format: CD
Label: Devilspit Records
Rel. Date: 10/14/2022
UPC: 5024545984323

Artist: Cj Wildheart
Format: CD


1. Go Away (Honeycrack) Rerecorded
2. Sitting at Home (Honeycrack) Rerecorded
3. Lemonade Girl (The Jellys) Rerecorded
4. Milk N Honey (The Jellys) Rerecorded
5. Hit It on the Head (The Wildhearts) Rerecorded
6. Little Flower (The Wildhearts) Rerecorded
7. Allein (The Wildhearts) Rerecorded
8. Girl's on Fire (Solo) Rerecorded
9. Down the Drain (Solo) Rerecorded
10. Kentucky Fried (Solo) Rerecorded
11. Midlife Crisis (Solo) Rerecorded
12. Ctrl-Alt-Delete (Solo) Remix
13. Sleep Deprivation (Solo) Remix
14. F.U.B.A.R (Solo) Remix
15. Tealeaf (Solo) Remix
16. Itch (Solo) Remix
17. 50 Percent Indian (Solo) Remix
18. State of Us (Solo) Remix
19. Shit Brick (Solo) Remix
20. Peking Duck (Solo) Remix

More Info:

'LIVES' is the brand-new best of album from The Wildhearts co-founder CJ. Covering his career from The Wildhearts through Honeycrack, The Jellys and into his solo years, 'LIVES' is not just a run of the mill best of album. "One thing that has always put me off best of albums is they are normally just compilations that have had absolutely no thought put into them" comments CJ. "I didn't want to go down that route. So with this album I rerecorded and reimagined 13 older tracks as well as remixing 9 of my newer solo tracks." Jason Bowld (Bullet For My Valentine) is behind the kit for all of the tracks on this album giving a fresh and hard hitting new feel.