Target - In Range Featuring Jimi Jamison R.i.p


Format: CD
Label: ESMU
Rel. Date: 11/17/2017
UPC: 5031281003096

In Range Featuring Jimi Jamison R.i.p
Artist: Target
Format: CD


1. Tightwire (Feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
2. Love Magician (Feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
3. Too Much Good Lovin’ (Feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
4. Hold Tight (Feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
5. Taxman (Feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
6. Means That Much (Feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
7. Come On (Feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
8. A Place Called Hot (Feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
9. Don’t You Think Its Time (Feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)

More Info:

Target was an exciting US Quintet from Memphis that featured the legendary Jimi Jameson (Cobra/Survivor) on vocals. They released two albums on A & M in 1976 (Target) and 1977 (Captured). However, it has come to light that a third album was recorded in 1979, entitled In Range before the band split in 1982. While vocalist Jimi Jamison did go on to greater heights - thanks to his stints fronting Cobra and, of course, Survivor not to mention releasing an impressive catalog of solo records - Target were the band with whom he first made the progression from playing the bars and clubs to touring as a major label act opening for the likes of Black Sabbath and Styx.