Banco De Gaia - Trauma


Format: Vinyl
Label: Disco Gecko
Rel. Date: 09/06/2024
UPC: 5038719016611

Artist: Banco De Gaia
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

For over three decades Toby Marks, aka Banco de Gaia, has been redefining world electronica, leaving an indelible footprint on the global music scene, rousing many a dancefloor, and inspiring countless musicians to follow. At the forefront of blending acoustic and electronic sounds, integrating themes and techniques from cultures and traditions the world over, Toby has worked with musicians and producers as ingenious and diverse as Pink Floyd's Dick Parry, Natacha Atlas, Tim Wheater and Hawkwind- to name just a few.Ranging from cinematic ambience to pounding dancefloor-fillers, his music defies genres, and borrows from a wealth of musical sources and styles. Toby's background in jazz and rock combine with his love of dance and world music to produce a glorious, uplifting and, at times, mesmerizing sound.Tracklisting:A1. Mir (4:05)A2. A Bee Song (5:45)A3. Draig Ddu (5:57)A4. My Little Country (4:49)B1. War (7:13)B2. Mo Dhia (7:27)B3. The Dying Light (5:51)