Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 10/20/2023
UPC: 5050580809970

Red Ellen
Artist: Smoove & Turrell
Format: Vinyl


1. The Light (Feat. Ronnie Foster)
2. Igotcha
3. Mary's Song
4. Echoes
5. Empty Bottle Serenade
6. Joy!
7. Violet Hour
8. Waiting for Your Call
9. Geno's Discotheque
10. Red Ellen

More Info:

Smoove & Turrell return to the fold with their seventh studio album, following on from their previous album which topped the official UK Dance Album Chart, and once again showcasing their commitment to creating quality songs with meaningful lyrics that you can actually dance to. Lead singer John Turrell articulates their vision, urging love to reclaim it's place amidst a world filled with turmoil and deception, over Smoove's masterful productions laid down with the assistance of their seasoned band members (every single one of whom is quality both live and recorded). Further collaborations with the likes of Ronnie Foster, a legend from the Blue Note camp to label mate Izo FitzRoy and her choir, add depth to an album that addresses various themes, including unity, hope, relationships, and heartfelt tributes to departed family members. An inspiring listen for those looking to stand up for good and to support one another, for only love can conquer hate.