Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/22/2022
UPC: 5051078992112

New Kind Of People 1965-1968 (Uk)
Artist: Raw Mod
Format: Vinyl


1. The Tamasins - I Wish You Would
2. The King Bees - In The Midnight Hour
3. The Shanes - Talking About My Baby
4. The Tamasins - Out Of Line
5. The Shanes - Leaving Here
6. The Sovereign Group - Loving You Girl
7. The System - You're Walking On My Side
8. The Corpus Soul - Thinking About You
9. The Shanes - You Must Believe Me (Cd Bonus Track)
10. 27th All Stars - The Original Doris Dog
11. The Shanes - Dancing In The Street (Cd Bonus Track)
12. The Umpteenth Time - Look Before You Leap
13. The Sovereign Group - Mr Pleasure (Cd Bonus Track)
14. The Kontax - Near Me (Cd Bonus Track)
15. Two Squared - Love Hurts
16. The Chaos - New Kind Of People
17. Jokers's Wilde - Say Those Magic Words
18. The Electric Sun - Painted Rain
19. The Kontax - Hold On I'm Coming (Cd Bonus Track)
20. Granny's Attic - 24 Hours
21. The Poor Boys - What Does She Want

More Info:

During the mid 60s there was a spread of 'beat' groups in Britain who found inspiration in the Mod style and it's music - whether that being American Soul, Tamla or R'n'B, or the home grown sounds of the Who and the Small Faces. Sourced from acetates and private pressings Raw Mod unearths over a dozen bands who never got as far as a recording contract but nonetheless entered a studio to enthusiastically commit their Mod friendly wares to disc, and blends R'n'B and blue eyed soul with some cool beaters and gritty ravers. Some of these groups may not have considered themselves as Mod bands, perhaps only a few of them did, but regardless they made the right noise at the right time - and during that glorious period in British pop history - they were indeed the new kind of people. Come on children!