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Format: CD
Label: EVDI
Rel. Date: 08/16/2019
UPC: 5051083143493

Messes De Barcelone Et D'apt
Artist: Ensemble Gilles Binchois / Dominique Vellard
Format: CD


1. Messe de Barcelone (Barcelone-Bbc, ms. ) Kyrie
2. Messe de Barcelone (Barcelone-Bbc, ms. ) Gloria avec trope "Splendor patris"
3. Messe de Barcelone (Barcelone-Bbc, ms. ) Credo - De Sortes
4. Messe de Barcelone (Barcelone-Bbc, ms. ) Sanctus avec trope "Sacro sanctus / Sanctus miro gaudio"
5. Messe de Barcelone (Barcelone-Bbc, ms. ) "Adoramus te", motet (Madrid-BN, ms. )
6. Messe de Barcelone (Barcelone-Bbc, ms. ) Agnus Dei a` voix
7. "Deus tuorum militum", hymne à voix avec plain-chant alterné (Apt-trésor, ms. bis)
8. "Dantur officia" / "Quid scire", motet joué aux instruments (Apt-trésor, ms. bis)
9. "Christe redemptor omnium", hymne avec plain-chant alterné (Apt-trésor, ms. bis) 1
10. "Colla jugo" / "Bona condit", motet joué aux instruments - de Vitry (Apt-trésor, ms. bis) 1
11. Messe d'Apt (Apt-trésor, ms. bis) Kyrie avec trope "Humano generi" (f.v/) 1
12. Messe d'Apt (Apt-trésor, ms. bis) Gloria - de Depansis (f.) 1
13. Messe d'Apt (Apt-trésor, ms. bis) Sanctus - de Tapissier (f.v/) 1
14. Messe d'Apt (Apt-trésor, ms. bis) "Imperatrix / O Maria", motet joue' aux instruments 1
15. Messe d'Apt (Apt-trésor, ms. bis) Agnus Dei 1
16. Messe d'Apt (Apt-trésor, ms. bis) "Juste judex", hymne (Madrid-BN, ms. ) 1
17. Ave maris stella, hymne mariale (Apt-trésor, ms. bis)

More Info:

After forty years of performing together and more than fifty recordings, the Ensemble Gilles Binchois are as vital and relevant as ever. Dominique Vellard and his musicians make all eras of musical history seem contemporary. This release features Mediterranean sacred music from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Based on Machaut's model, the Masses heard here are the work of anonymous composers attached to the courts of Avignon, Barcelona and Cyprus.