Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/15/2022
UPC: 5051565221442

Ghostman (Uk)
Artist: Captain Future
Format: Vinyl


1. Holy Waters
2. Zombie Lover
3. As Soon As I C U
4. Oh People. S
5. Rowing to the Pub
6. Move on
7. Ghostwoman
8. Sapce Age Gangster Funeral
9. I Liked You When You Were Gon

More Info:

Under normal circumstances, record producer Alex McGowan, aka Captain Future, is immersed in his London studio Space Eko East, recording Roots and Rock'n'Roll acts such as The Urban Voodoo Machine, Paul-Ronney Angel, Son of Dave, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind, Sister Cookie as well as artists of different genres like The Tiger Lillies, Tricky, Stewart Copeland, Josh Homme, Mark Lanegan. While dedicating the rest of his time to his 9-piece Rock'n'Roll Gospel band The Future Shape Of Sound, they have gained some notoriety on the UK scene in recent years delivering their energetic colourful live shows to festivals and venues all over the country. But when normality was canceled during the pandemic 2020, and with it all festivals, gigs and studio congregations, there was suddenly a void that initially looked very bleak and scary. But counting his blessings, Alex decided that this was an opportunity to turn up the heat on completing an album that had been 'almost fnished' for too long. In contrast to the upbeat gospel sounds of The Future Shape Of Sound, 'Ghostman' offers a collection of songs that show a different, more personal side. Downtempo dubby blues, juxtaposed with escapist trip hop style beats, elements which are all very familiar in Alex's previous collaborations with high-profle artists such as Martina Topley Bird, Jah Wobble, The Starseeds. This is a chilled out, after hours album! Sit back, dim the lights, choose your poison and let it be the soundtrack to your escape.