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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 11/06/2020
UPC: 5052442018100

Cannot Be Whatsoever [Digipak]
Artist: Novo Amor
Format: CD


1. Opaline
2. I Feel Better
3. Decimal
4. No Plans
5. Birdcage
6. Keep Me
7. Halloween
8. Statue of a Woman
9. If We're Being Honest
10. Guestbook

More Info:

2020 release. As Novo Amor prepares to release Cannot Be, Whatsoever, (Ali) Lacey contemplates a past soundtracked by songs of quiet hope and longing. "I can still see the lake upstate when I picture Birthplace, the songs sheltered by this place I've romanticized that doesn't actually exist anymore. These new songs feel immediate and noisy in comparison, almost optimistic. If Birthplace is the countryside, then Cannot Be, Whatsoever is the city."