Format: CD
Label: Universal Uk
Rel. Date: 05/12/2023
UPC: 5053760097495

Summer Isles
Artist: Panes, Roo
Format: CD


1. A Handful of Summer
2. The Summer Isles (Sunrise)
3. Fairy Falls
4. I Just Love You
5. Our Time
6. Suburban Pines
7. Samalaman Bay
8. Notes from a Holiday
9. Arcadia
10. Letter to the Boy
11. Childhood
12. Let It Be a Long Time
13. Leave That Light On
14. Remember Fall In Montreal
15. The Summer Isles (Sundown)

More Info:

Panes' considered nylon-string guitar playing is joined by ethereal harmonies and sonorous textural elements which effortlessly combine to accompany evocative imagery throughout as Roo sings of treasure, jacarandas and untouched flowers, and "a quiet night that's humming with the sea". Assured and atmospheric throughout, the track's clean production only adds to the natural theme of it's subject as warm brass and graceful strings sit unobtrusively beneath the mix.