Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 02/18/2022
UPC: 5054197108761

Shadows & Shinings (Aus)
Artist: Drapht
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Drapht is back!"This album to me has been one big purge and a reset for the most part. It kind of feels like it's meant to be slotted in just after my 2011 release "The Life of Riley". Some song ideas had been following me around for 8 or 9 years, with others only being a few months. For the most part I owe the finishing of it to the isolation period through 2020 though. I had a lot of time to reflect on the identity and the relationships that came with making music. I found a lot of peace in the letting go, sticking to what I know and concentrating on the people who truly matter. That's really when Shadow's and Shinings began to come to life."