Format: CD
Rel. Date: 09/29/2023
UPC: 5055006568318

Artist: BvdLvd
Format: CD


1. No One Cares (Intro)
2. Inevitable
3. Time Will Tell (Feat Pezzhead)
4. Numb
5. Home
6. Who Am I?
7. Tablecloth (Feat Biv)
8. Aisle 13
9. Non-Existent (Feat Dexndre)
10. Panic Attack
11. Avodlom (Feat BLCKK)
12. Forget Me Not (Feat Freddy)
13. Bored (Feat Hen$Haw)
14. Get This Far
15. Happy Death (Feat Prop)
16. Prison

More Info:

A work of brutal self-honesty, capturing intensely vulnerable lyrical moments where BVDLVD (pronounced 'Bad Lad') drops his seemingly invincible persona and allows fans to see the human beneath his superhuman character. Dropping out of college to teach himself to record vocals and mix tracks, BVDLVD began his underground revolution by fusing the distorted Trap coming out of the US with underground UK rave culture. Mixing up anger, humor, energy and bass to create a unique, explosive new style that refuses simple categorization, he debuted a system-crashing noise set to empower outsiders and misfits worldwide. BVDLVD has evolved, shed his skin and evolved again more times than can be counted since his journey into the music industry started at 16 years old. Alienated by the British education system - a system he's convinced was set up to crush creativity - BVDLVD has paved his way from discovering the raw Trap Metal of XXXTENTACION, Ghostemane, Night Lovell and $uicideboy$ to becomin