The Karma Effect - Promised Land


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 05/03/2024
UPC: 5055006568820

Promised Land
Artist: The Karma Effect
Format: Vinyl


1. Livin' It Up
2. See You Again
3. Wild Honey
4. All Night Long
5. Still Falling for You
6. Promised Land
7. Be My Salvation
8. Come to Life
9. Nine Times
10. Better Days

More Info:

The Karma Effect's new album 'Promised Land' offers 10 tracks of raw, hip-shaking rock'n'roll positively gleaming with 80s keyboard shimmer throughout. Recorded at MRC Studios and The Hive Studios, both outside London, with Michael Charman, the album was built on escapism from start to finish. From the isolated 48-hour pre-production bootcamp that the band put themselves through to the album's key ambition: "When we were creating the album, it felt like we had found our own bubble of utopia - nothing in the outside world mattered in those moments. That's exactly what we want to offer anyone who takes the time to listen to the album," say the band.Emerging from this generation's new found interest in all things rock'n'roll, London's The Karma Effect are instantly a head-turning proposition due to the timeless quality of their songs. Aside from the vocal pipes of Gottelier - which are surely the result of a hybrid experiment gone very right between Free's Paul Rodgers and Foreigner's L