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Format: Vinyl
Label: MGIA
Rel. Date: 01/15/2021
UPC: 5055869587549

L'Inventaire des Disparitions
Artist: Chicalohyoh
Format: Vinyl


1. Impulsions Soniques
2. Tatitalerta Avant de Dormer
3. Psychophonie Pour Les Oiseaux Disparus
4. Boli Armenii
5. A Peine Eut-Elle Le Temps de
6. L'amour en Fumée
7. L'orchestre Des Petits Papiers
8. Des Mains Fermant Des Bouches
9. Hymne A L'ouïe
10. Lèche la Confiture
11. L'envers Du Décor
12. Jamais Pour Rien

More Info:

Through her almost 10 years career, Alice Dourlen has had a fascinating trajectory, we dare to say one of the most fascinating of this decade; never staying too much in one territory she has explored ritualistic psychedelicism, folk, experimental music, industrial, collaging, spoken word, minimal synth to the point that those tags have become meaningless. Never being generic always a true original, each phase sees her more and more in her own world. And here she comes with some of her most personal work: tribal, minimalist, kaleidoscopic, surreal and fiercely innovative but also at times beautifully melodic. Surprisingly varied even by her standards with her voice as glue making "L'Inventaire des Disparitions" a solid and impressive work. FFO: Grouper, Nico, Nurse With Wound, Catherine Ribeiro, Roberto di Simone. Tracks of "L'Inventaire des Disparitions" have been recommended by The Quietus on their monthly Rockfort mix and by the Independent Music Podcast in UK.