Don Glori - Don't Forget To Have Fun (Blue) [Colored Vinyl]


Format: Vinyl
Label: Deepmatter Records
Rel. Date: 06/07/2024
UPC: 5056032385450

Don't Forget To Have Fun (Blue) [Colored Vinyl]
Artist: Don Glori
Format: Vinyl


1. Pause
2. Emerald
3. All Seeds
4. First Touch
5. Theme for a Dream - Pt. 1 Lullaby
6. Theme for a Dream - Pt. 2 Swimming, Soaring
7. Theme for a Dream - Pt.
8. Time to Wake Up

More Info:

A product of the not-so-underground, genre-bending melting pot that is Naarm (Melbourne, Australia). producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Don Glori (AKA Gordon LI) prepares to unleash his forthcoming album 'Don't Forget To Have Fun' via DeepMatter Records. Following the release of his much-heralded 2022 LP 'Welcome', and a relocation to London, Don managed to tap into a potent creative current, by taking himself to a place of discomfort, and taking his creative back to basics for 'Don't Forget To Have Fun'. This invigorating approach helped distill the initial album sketches into a compelling and intoxicating listening experience across the record, creating a true work of art, traversing jazz, funk, soul, RnB, samba and beyond. Whilst the record itself is hard to describe, but even harder to forget. Album opener 'Pause' pairs psychedelic in?uences with a cyclic loping groove and focuses on recognising a safe space that can act as a refuge. Taking inspiration from Steely Dan, Brian Bennett & Azymuth, 'Emerald' channels Jazz rock, 70's LA studio energy, with the faster funk sections featuring an unruly amount of mouth percussion, synth lead lines, and vocal melodies that weave in and around the tight horn arrangements. 'All Seeds' is a heady blend of samba and Brazilian street soul, with ?eld recordings of Don's old house in Melbourne providing additional seasoning. 'First Touch' is a downtempo 80's boogie-infused gem, keeping proceedings nice and sleazy. The ?nal three movements move through one ?uid composition, charting the disorientating course of a fever dream, through beguiling astral travels, unexplainable occurrences, and transcendent moments.