Format: Vinyl
Label: YEAR0001
Rel. Date: 09/01/2023
UPC: 5056167166450

Artist: Bladee
Format: Vinyl


1. Don't Worry
2. Keys to the City
3. Hero of my Story 3style3
4. 100s
5. Mean Girls
6. Innocent of All Things
7. Reality Surf
8. Noblest Strive
9. It Girl
10. Oh Well
11. Valerie
12. Finder
13. Exstasia
14. Only One
15. Swan Lake

More Info:

Black Vinyl. Bladee is a Stockholm-based musician, designer and visual artist. Preceded by his reputation as a rap experimentalist, Bladee is a prolific and highly inventive entity with work spanning and intersecting the worlds of music, art and fashion. He began his career as a teenager, trading art and lyrics with close friends. After releasing his first projects, international recognition came quickly and his network of Stockholm innovators soon arrived at the vanguard of a new era in music culture.333 is Bladee's fourth solo album. Produced by Whitearmor, Gud, Mechatok, Lusi of Ripsquad and Joakim Benon of JJ, the album has no guest appearances.