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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 09/04/2020
UPC: 5056321631831

Speciation (Uk)
Artist: Faceless Burial
Format: Vinyl


1. Worship
2. imbric Infirm
3. Irreparably Corpsed
4. Speciation
5. Spuming Catarrhal Gruel
6. Ravished to the Unknown

More Info:

Going from strength to strength, Faceless Burial play their strongest hand yet with the full-length Speciation. Altogether sharper and more finessed than all previous, Speciation spreads unimaginable DEATH METAL MIGHT with malignant ease. Faceless Burial exude a charisma that's totally their own, which largely comes down to the song writing itself. Where the preceding records maintained a murky 'n' malodorous aspect, that was predominantly in the sound itself; here on Speciation, it's been parlayed into the tense 'n' treacherous textures they explore. Otherwise, no great changes have been made, nor should there be: forever twisting and never stagnating, each of these six songs reveals new corridors through which to spelunk, and efficiently so across the album's deceptively epic 36-minute runtime. Adorned with form-meeting-content cover artwork, Speciation is bound to be the year's most forward-thinking/backwards-looking death metal album.