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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/16/2021
UPC: 5056321632760

Desecration (Uk)
Artist: Concilium
Format: Vinyl


1. From the Chalice
2. Shadow Gospels
3. From Emptiness to Oblivion
4. Sacred Land of Impure Blood
5. Blood on the Altar
6. Blood Candles

More Info:

Portuguese atmospheric raw black/death metal necromancers Concilium issue their tenebrous debut LP "Desecration", a churning spectral emanation of total and agonizing death exhaling at the edge of a decaying void. Like the bastard child of Portal, Beherit, and Black Cilice, "Desecration" levitates from pure darkness with a miasma of tortured lamentations, serpentine whispers and suffocated screams radiating from the innermost depths of torment, while an incessant outflow of sepulchral lo-fi raw black/death metal murk reverberates through the abandoned pits of buried temples and lost sepulchers materializing a truly unsettling and ominous aural nightmare. The band's masterful texturing of decaying and sulphureous black/death metal with subterranean aphotic atmospheres and a diseased sense of occult ritualism creates a lightless aural twilight that embraces the listener like a disembodied disease, giving away way to a blood-freezing (and at times even moving) out of body experience.