Format: Vinyl
Label: Sentient Ruin Labs
Rel. Date: 05/19/2023
UPC: 5056321635358

Artist: Gawthrop
Format: Vinyl


1. Exhaust
2. Guru
3. Blowtorch
4. Rabbit
5. Odynometer
6. Moth

More Info:

Seoul-based South Korean sludge metal miserists Gawthrop join Sentient Ruin for "Deterioration", a glorious torment and misery-fucked 12" vinyl compilation of the band's first two incredible demo tapes (2019's "Demo" and 2022's "Jumbo"). A wretched amplifier worshipping monstrosity of complete antihuman heaviness, the glorious release channels the hate-drenched and bottom-caving megaton DOOM of legends like Corrupted, Meth Drinker, Nootgrush, Grief and Thorr's Hammer into six colossal slabs of pure earth-shaking, downtuned slow-crawling sonic torment that will stomp, crush and flatten the listener to death.