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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 09/11/2020
UPC: 5056321638311

Hardcorepimpfunk [Colored Vinyl] (Uk)
Artist: Bisk
Format: Vinyl


1. Right Now
2. Koyote
3. Mission
4. Baggy
5. Candyman
6. One ; Only
7. Pimptonic
8. Dream Snaps
9. Beloved 1
10. Business 1
11. Hoes Deux 1
12. Good Good 1
13. Sakura 1
14. Bonnie ; Clyde (Bonus Track)

More Info:

The phenomenal amount of quality musical output exhibited from Bisk, the edgy rapper from London, UK (part of the Blah Records collective) is continued with 'Hardcorepimpfunk', a dusty sounding, funk-filled collection of street-themed, slick, avant-garde rap music. Bisk marries that raw pimp steez with the fine production provided entirely by the excellent Morriarchi.