Format: Vinyl
Label: Club Night Club
Rel. Date: 10/07/2022
UPC: 5056321639165

Soft Bloom
Artist: Cleyra
Format: Vinyl


1. Ruk
2. Uninvited
3. 2B
4. Triumph

More Info:

Club Night Club is excited to present it's latest release via Bristol's Cleyra. The elusive producer's long overdue debut full length lands via the New York label, available everywhere on September 26, 2022. 'Ruk' (A1) is a spatial builder. The glitched-out mover presents a delicate exercise in restraint, it's skeletal rhythms gradually enveloped within a haze of sound design and dubbed out synth lines. In six short minutes the track builds into a continuous ascension of synthetic tension, resulting in a deceptively lethal club joint. A2's 'Uninvited' is a frantic club screamer. A real shake-the-rave bouncer capable of serious floor damage. Pro-tier mixing holds together a speed demon barrage of percussive hits and shrieking resonance. This deadly cut, much like the record as a whole, manages to sustain a flare of intimacy even in it's most punishing moments. The B-side counterbalances the deadly with the delicate. '2b' (B1) leans into the warm and melodic, perhaps the most direct manifestation of the EP's title. A heart wrenching bloom unfolds, enveloping the listener like a warm hug as the lights come on in the wee hours. The track is an immaculate sketch of raw emotion, deep tenderness mapped out through Cleyra's distinct brand of innovative composition. 'Triumph' closes out the record with some wonky no-nonsense chug action. A hypnotic low-slung groover which packs a final sting towards the end. One for the headbangers. From start to finish 'Soft Bloom' is a striking feat of sonic creation, guaranteed to subvert listener's expectations and dancer's footsteps alike.