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Format: Vinyl
Label: IMT
Rel. Date: 10/23/2020
UPC: 5056321639868

Artist: Civilistjavel!
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

The second volume of previously unreleased material from cloak-and-dagger Swedish electronics project Civilistjävel!, compiled by the artist and manufactured by Low Company. Until last 2018's 1 LP, their work - created mostly in the 1990s, using Juno60 and Korg MS20 - had never been officially documented or disseminated. The tracks assembled on 2 pivot away from the lonesome, levitating kosmische themes of 1, and into a dronal, dubwise, heavily psychoactive minimal techno realm - leading with a monolithic, kickdrum-centered epic that spans all twelve minutes of Side 1. The other two pieces that constitute this LP are paranoid, broken, sub-heavy constructions that have echoes in the work of Jan Jelinek, T++, Pole or latterday stuff from Hidden Hawaii, but with a reserve and austere, out-of-time feel peculiar to the true European mutant/drone underworld. Stamped white label in plain paper sleeve.