Format: CD
Rel. Date: 10/29/2021
UPC: 5056321657800

Curse Of The Blackwater (Uk)
Artist: Special Move
Format: CD


1. Level 5
2. Audio Warfare
3. 1984
4. Killing Fields
5. Less Than Zero
6. Keel-Hauled
7. Mouth Of Snakes
8. Bury The Hatchet
9. EBD 2008
10. The Sickness
11. More Fire
12. Adapt To Survive

More Info:

Essex hardcore legends Special Move are back once again, proving that time has mellowed neither their sound nor attitude. Their years of experience are definitely evident on their fourth release, as the 'Curse Of The Blackwater' CD proves their mastery of the genre. A collection of instant beatdown classics, Special Move's speed and numerous gang vocals on this album keep their style firmly on the hardcore side of things. Add in their devastating metallic edge and brutal danceparts and the band's wide appeal becomes obvious. Scott's harsh bark is the perfect match to the venom of Special Move's music, spitting inspirational lyrics. His incitements to seize the day and reminders of the short time we have here on this planet. In your face beatdown moshcore from Essex, UK, EBD style! 12 tracks of vicious metallic hardcore. For fans of Irate, All Out War, 50 Caliber.