Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/17/2023
UPC: 5056321659941

Rotten Luck (Uk)
Artist: Yes Indeed
Format: CD


1. Bath Triumph Hell
2. Our Dads
3. Evil Renewed Porchetta
4. Do You Remember Pap
5. Lies Everything Went Right Today
6. Mulchy Mark's
7. Awe
8. Gene Therapy Rip
9. Tickle Creeper Di Duck
10. Meathead Raw Baptiste
11. Fat Bulls

More Info:

Yes, indeed! The emphatic duo of Laurie Tompkins and Otto Willberg return for their third release, 'Rotten Luck' - a record we fell in love with watching the duo, synth player and bass shredder, gleefully headbanging in time, shrouded in the much beloved fog of Spanners club. Their first LP 'Exorcise', clobbered those that dared drop the needle with a brand of shrieking Dadaism that lay impermeable but to the insane. It freaked us out, that cacophony soup. On 'Rotten Luck' there are tunes instead, good ones, meaty ones, soaked in bass riffs and lairy lyrics. There are hooks to grip on to and little silly grins to catch in the gloaming synth holds. Listening to Wilberg's squelching synth slap on 'Our Dads', recalls Blue Gene Tyranny, particularly 'Any Fine Afternoon' - a goofy kind of song whose bass line could be a dosed up version of the Theme Hospital soundtrack. 'Awe' has a kind of 'Dreamtime' energy to it, it's jazzy double bass laced with wavy keys - deep warmth dipped in strange glue. Primarily a composer, Laurie Tompkins is one third of the energy behind pop mulchers Slip.