Format: CD
Label: Because Music
Rel. Date: 11/11/2022
UPC: 5056556105985

Redcar les adorable étoiles
Artist: Christine And The Queens
Format: CD


1. Ma bien
2. Tu sais ce qu'il me faut
3. La chanson du chevalier
4. Rien dire
5. La clairfontaine
6. Les étoiles
7. Mémoire des ailes
8. Looking for Love
9. My Birdman
10. Combien de temps
11. Je te vois enfin
12. Angelus
13. Les âmes amantes

More Info:

Redcar is only the beginning. This is all an opera. It will take some time to unveil, the same way it is unveiling to Redcar, as he acknowledges his crazy freedom. Angels and stars, the sovereign verb, the heart at its center. Redcar is not really there to affirm anything but the need to say who we are and what we pray for every day. Includes a 12-page poster/booklet with lyrics.