Pathologist - Putrefactive & Cadaverous Odes To Necroticism (Uk)


Format: CD
Label: Extremely Rotten
Rel. Date: 05/24/2024
UPC: 5056688801519

Putrefactive & Cadaverous Odes To Necroticism (Uk)
Artist: Pathologist
Format: CD


1. Malignant Introduction
2. Open the Dissection Ward
3. Reek with Suppuration
4. Cadaveric Metamorphoses
5. Genital Pathological Perversity
6. Tumorous Defects and Diseases
7. Anatomical Necropsy
8. Progression of Putrefaction (Part Two)
9. Decomposition of Corpses 1
10. Carcass Dismemberment 1
11. Vomitory Corporal Dysfunction 1
12. Rotten Outroduction

More Info:

1992 debut album, 2023 reissue - Czech deathgrind "If you are looking for sounds similar to the first two Carcass albums, and the development presented by this group on "Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious" and further still does not convince you, the Pathologist's debut will certainly fulfil it's purpose. The group from Ostrava made a great reference to the times of "Reek..." and "Symphonies...", and at the same time developed this style with an even greater patho-climate (!) and added crushing, low vocals."